Cinematic Creation Through Collaborative Exploration

What We Do
Building Bridges Through Film
At Filmbuilding we organize filmmaking experiences that allow people to connect and learn from one another in fun and transformative ways.
The imperative to build connections and understand one another is more urgent than ever.  Yet, we still remain divided on many fronts, unable to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow from an exposure to each other's ideas and ways of viewing the world.

Filmbuilding confronts this issue by asking:​​​​​​​
In times of uncertainty, how can we use the co-creative aspects of visual storytelling to foster meaningful connections that contribute to our individual and collective growth?
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The Educational Imperative
(engendering critical, creative, collaborative and conceptual thinking; expanding possibilities within media arts education)

The Cultural Imperative
(telling personal and meaningful stories; celebrating ethnic diversity; sparking radical cross-cultural collaboration)

The Technological Imperative
(expanding image-based literacy and communication; demonstrating highly inclusive and accessible use of technology)

The Community Imperative
(encouraging civic responsibility and connection to community; enhancing sense of place; activating community spaces)​​​​​​​

The Peace Imperative
(engendering empathy and understanding across divisions; confronting complex demographic issues; striving for social harmony)
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