+   "What could we all learn if we had the chance to view the world 
      through the lenses of others?"

+   "What if we thought of filmmaking as less of a vocation and more of
      an opportunity to grow from exposure to each other's ideas?"

+   "What if students weren't taught how to make films, but could
      discover for themselves what making films is all about?"
Discovery-Based Filmmaking​​​
"Not at all unlike the way a camera lens works, the wider open one's mind is, the more light can enter."
The left image depicts a discovery-based approach to media-making which encourages makers to continue inquiring and exploring new ideas throughout the three consecutive stages of pre-production, production and post-production.  The right image depicts a more ends-driven approach to media-making found throughout the industry which relies more on making the major decisions during the pre-production (planning) stage and subsequently following through with them.
Cross-Cultural  Filmmaking
"The treasure of cinema is that it allows us to engage in a sustained creative activity with other people whose reservoirs of experience have the potential to shift our standing."
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