Filmbuilding runs discovery-based filmmaking programs in various educational settings. Each experience is different because each group of students is different.

With our suite of workshops
- offered throughout the year in various shapes and sizes -
plugging in couldn’t be any easier!​​​​​​​
Whether you are a school (district) looking to enhance your after-school offerings, a youth organization interested in the power of collaborative storytelling, or a parent considering a whole new creative outlet for your child,
Filmbuilding’s got you covered !
Here's What Happens
Students taking part in a workshop are signed up by a Filmbuilding Proctor
(an adult representing students, like a school/org employee or parent)
Students connect online and start building their film projects collaboratively
(the stories start to evolve from each other’s interests and lived experiences)
Students film and edit while continuing to hold online check-ins with their groups
(the films become wholly original blends of each member's cinematic contributions)
Students celebrate their achievements at the virtual premiere of their short films
(audience engagement leads to even further bridge-building)
For a detailed look at our offerings, check out our
Workshop Registration
1.   Register as a Filmbuilding Proctor here  (adults only)
2.   Ensure your student(s) or child can successfully take part in workshop
       1.  Can they make the virtual Orientation and Check-in dates?  (check Upcoming Workshops)
       2.  Do they have access to a computer with Zoom?
       3.  Do they have access to a recording device (like a smartphone)?
3.   Register your student(s) or child as Filmbuilders here​​​​​​​
Note:  Proctors are not required to attend any virtual check-ins during workshop *
If you are interested in a Filmbuilding workshop experience outside our regular calendar of offerings, please contact us.
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