What is belonging?
This question weighs on the minds of children and youth around the world today.

Although they may have much more in common than they realize, social dynamics can make it challenging for all to feel a sense of belonging, particularly during times of great division and uncertainty.
During Spring 2024, students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School came together across diverse lived experiences to co-create short films exploring this essential question.  Working in small groups, these first-time filmmakers relied on each other’s ideas and personal stories to guide them through a discovery-based process as they developed, filmed, and edited short film projects.  Each group represented the school's diverse student body, consisting of members from Sudbury, Lincoln and various communities within Boston.

Partnering with organizations such as EMA Foundation, METCO Inc and numerous schools, Filmbuilding aspires to demonstrate how an understanding and sense of belonging can be built through the power of collaborative visual storytelling.

This is Filmbuilding Belonging.
Learn about our inaugural Filmbuilding Belonging program
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