In collaboration with the Bellingham Sister Cities Association of Bellingham, WA, this workshop brought together students from four different sister cities - Vaasa, Finland, Port Stephens, Australia, Tateyama, Japan and Bellingham, USA to explore the theme of "Resemblances."  The success of this workshop proves how collaborative, cross-cultural storytelling can help us strengthen diplomatic ties as well as personal ones.
The Moments
The Films

A Day in the Life...
Co-creators:  Lise, Aiki, Koharu, Sarah, Quinn

Co-creators:  Sophia, Matilda, Annika, Reo, Riko

Scorpios of Sister Cities
Co-creators:  Neri, Tucker, Julia, Eishun
Bellingham Sister Cities

This video highlights the Bellingham Sister City Association Global Mayoral Summit that took place in 2018.
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