Reality / Fantasy
Students from both the Butler and Sullivan middle schools of Lowell, Massachusetts collaborated on a series of short film projects exploring the theme Reality/Fantasy.  Although the students from each school were unable to meet face to face, they engaged in an experimental back-and-forth process which allowed them to build their films by continually exchanging ideas throughout the story development, filming and editing stages.
The Moments
The Films

Reality/Fantasy (A)
Co-creators:  Abby, Annelisa, Chloe, Damien, Jayden, Juan, Kalli, Olivia, Reinol, Sathia

Reality/Fantasy (B)
Co-creators:  Aeyjay, Ayden, Ezra, Je'Niyah, Kraven, Laila, Neesai, Phillip, Siyah

Reality/Fantasy (C)
Co-creators:  Adrian, Donata, Elise, Harper, Jayneliz, Nadia, Ngoc, Ozaiah, Rayle

Reality/Fantasy (D)
Co-creators:  Andrea, Ariana, Casey, Daniella, Danny, Eva, Kalliyana, Mendoza

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