This Filmbuilding experience grew out of a desire to connect and create with others during the global pandemic of 2020.  Held completely online for the first time, participants representing three different countries came together to build short films with one another while exploring each other's perspectives.  The workshop began with a series of introductory ice-breaker projects before participants broke into their groups and spent the week building their films.  The experience resulted in three distinct short films which premiered to great acclaim at an online public screening on May 23.  This initiative proved that films can be created through meaningful collaboration regardless of the distance that separates us.
The Experience
The Moments

The Films

Co-creators:  Heidi, Florencia, Kieran, Cordelia

Co-creators:  Finn, Isabella, Javiera, Anny

Co-creators:  Lola, Natalie, Emily, Notch, Tomas

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