This workshop was held at three wildly distinct locations, and involved a group of high
school students from Japan coming over to Boston to team up with students attending 
local high schools.  The students were organized into three groups, each of which was 
tasked with creating a short film that represented their collective view of the theme "In-
Between."  The groups were further challenged to work within various creative and 
cultural constraints, some of which included the integration of footage shot by each of the
members prior to the workshop, and the revelation of certain Japanese and American 
cultural traits in their films.


What did you discover?
                                                                                                   "Cross-cultural is interacting with someone who is somehow different from you, 
                                                                                                   but finding similarities and common ground.  In this case, creating films together.
                                                                                                   I think that's a really cathartic experience."   -   Vaughan, 17

"I can learn the things that teachers can't tell us.  Like communication.  
I'm really not good at communication, but by being together in the three days
we could talk to each other comfortably."   -   Rintaro, 16

                                                                                                                     "Creating without planning first help us with the 'open mind' thinking."
                                                                                                                       -   Mew, 16

"This sort of bringing us together it's created this different sort of collaboration that I'm 
probably not going to be able to get many other places, and that's very interesting to 
sort of learn about the inner workings of how we can come up with all these completely 
different ideas and merge them together into one big stew."   -   Aurora, 16


The Space We Take
Co-creators:  Ryusuke, Aurora, Kureo, Madeleine

Not Yet
Co-creators:  Enzo, Keietsu, Vaughan, Mew

The Follower
Co-creators:  Akihiro, Kaleigh, Rintaro, Xander
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