The Hodgepodge workshop was organized with the support of the Refugee Dream 
Center, the Providence Children's Film Festival and Project Open Door, and involved 
American-born high school students teaming up with teenagers from abroad.  
The students explored the campuses of the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown 
University in Providence as they collaboratively developed their projects related to the 
theme of "Hodgepodge."  The curriculum encouraged students to integrate their 
cultural backgrounds into the process in a way that made each film entirely unique in its
own way.
THE Experience

What did you discover?

"Our cultures are actually quite similar.  I thought we'd be like vastly different,
but the way we go through our everyday lives is kind of similar."   -   Renina, 17

                                                                                                       "The most valuable thing that I learned in this workshop was 'the experience.' 
                                                                                                       The experience with my group, the experience of where we went and the 
                                                                                                       experience of creating our own film was the most valuable."   -   Nadya, 16

"Usually when I think of a workshop I think of a very analytical process,
a very focused process, but this was more free-form.  And I think that 
surprised me, but it was a good surprise."   -   Natasha, 17

                                                                                                              "I learned that different music, places, ideas, and cultures can combine to
                                                                                                               form a single film."   -   Jonsi, 17

See the Unseen
Co-creators:  Bukuru, Renina, Bertha, Nadya

High School Students Get It Done
Co-creators:  Bonnet, Elijah, Ablaye, Jancy, Natasha

The Ghost
Co-creators:  Mohamad, Mohammad, Luca
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