Our Filmbuilding workshop invites teens from across the United States to team up and explore the state of our nation by engaging the theme:


Students co-create video projects in tight-knit groups through a combination of online gatherings and asynchronous project work.  The semester-long experience consists of collaborative discussions, filming, editing and a final screening event.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Combination of online synchronous group gatherings and asynchronous filming for individual participants.

Open to 7th-12th graders from all around the United States.  No film or media experience required.
* space limited to 30 students - first come, first served *


Following Orientation, online check-ins are held every Friday afternoon/evening until the final event.  In between the weekly check-ins, students are expected to budget approximately two hours of their own time every week in order to contribute to the successful completion of their group’s projects.  This asynchronous work will include project development, filming and editing on WeVideo.

The first half of the workshop will consist of group-based filmmaking challenges assigned on a weekly basis.  These challenges will familiarize students with the discovery-based filmmaking process while getting them more acquainted with their group members.  The second half will engage each group in the making of its own short film project to be premiered at the final screening event.

* Students are expected to attend all weekly check-ins and must communicate in advance of workshop if they are unable to attend all check-ins *

Registration is simple for both Proctors & Participants​​​​​​​
- Proctors -
What do Proctors need to do in order to enroll their students in the workshop?
1.  Gather minimum of two students to take part in workshop  (workshop flyer found HERE)
2.  Register as Proctor HERE
3.  Provide students with registration information  (found below, or HERE)
* Proctors are not required to attend any weekly check-ins *

- Participants -
What do students need to do in order to take part in the workshop?
1.  Check workshop details and schedule to make sure you can fully commit (there will be future opportunities!)
2.  Confirm you have access to our two required tools:
       +  Camera with photo and video functions (smartphones recommended)
       +  Computer with stable internet access and video conferencing capabilities
3.  Complete workshop Registration Form and payment (below)

Following registration, students will be sent a copy of the Filmbuilding Guide and Waiver.  The guide includes information on learning outcomes, workshop logistics, protocol and behavior.  The Waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian if participant is under the age of 18.
* Students are expected to attend all weekly check-ins and must communicate in advance
if they are unable to attend any of the check-ins *
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