Curating discovery-based filmmaking experiences to promote cross-cultural exchange

Filmbuilding is now looking for both students and
educators who would be interested in taking part in our
 December, 2021 workshop!

If interested, please email Tom at

What's discovery-based filmmaking?

Featured Films​​​​​​​

Co-creators:   Finn,  Javiera,  Anny,  Isabella
* Produced virtually over three continents *

Co-creators:   Clara,  Zeniti,  Akito,  Leticia

The Space We Take
Co-creators:   Ryusuke,  Kureo,  Madeleine,  Aurora

Not Yet
Co-creators:   Keietsu,  Enzo,  Mew,  Vaughan

The imperative to build connections between one another is more urgent than ever.  
Filmbuilding recognizes how the unique affordances of the moving
 image can help us explore and understand each other's perspectives
 in fun and transformative ways.
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