Building Bridges Through Film​​​​​​​
As intercultural encounters continue to be a big part of our daily lives, the need for
 understanding one another is essential.  Yet, we still remain divided on many
 fronts, unable to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow from 
an exposure to each other's ideas and ways of viewing the world.

Filmbuilding confronts this issue by asking:

In times of uncertainty, how can we use the creative and collaborative affordances
 of the moving image in order to make meaningful connections that can 
contribute to the development of the societies we are a part of ?

We must recognize that intercultural curiosity, competence and appreciation can:
+  Improve cognitive and behavioral flexibility
+  Increase self-awareness and recognition of prejudices
+  Extend empathy and cultural sensitivity
+  Engender "outside-the-box" thinking and innovation
+  Increase global awareness and understanding of context
+  Instill a collective responsibility for improving social conditions
+  Lead to more integrated societies and global connectivity
+  Lead to greater social harmony through respect for one another
+  And so much more!
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