Filmbuilding Malden

Our City In Motion

Co-creative Cinema as a
Catalyst for Community Change
Filmbuilding Malden kicked off Filmbuilding's Our City in Motion initiative, combining elements of collaborative visual storytelling, cross-cultural exchange and community engagement.  Taking place from May-October 2023, the program involved a diverse cohort of community members (aka Filmbuilders) working in groups to co-create short films exploring the theme:

Who Is Malden?

Each group, mentored by a professional filmmaking artist, engaged in collaborative discussions, community exploration, filming, and story editing. The completed films were premiered at site-specific events within Malden in order to celebrate the work with the community, inspire meaningful dialogue, and explore further community connections.

Meet our team of Filmbuilders !
And our professional Filmbuilding Mentors !
Dan Girmus                 Nasara Hassan                 Asma Khoshmehr                 Alexander Nezam                 Bilal Sa'ed
Filmbuilding Malden:  Imperatives
The Educational Imperative
(engendering critical, creative, collaborative and conceptual thinking; expanding possibilities within media arts education)

The Cultural Imperative
(telling personal and meaningful stories; celebrating ethnic diversity; sparking radical cross-cultural collaboration)

The Technological Imperative
(expanding image-based literacy and communication; demonstrating highly inclusive and accessible use of technology)

The Community Imperative
(encouraging civic responsibility and connection to community; enhancing sense of place; activating community spaces)

The Economic Imperative
(building partnerships and communication channels; employing individuals in various sectors; creating opportunities for local businesses)

The Peace Imperative
(engendering empathy and understanding across divisions; confronting complex demographic issues; striving for social harmony)

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