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Filmbuilding Malden will be premiering all six of the program's short films this September and October.

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An innovative, city-wide program using co-creative filmmaking as a catalyst for community change​​​​​​​
In partnership with the City of Malden, Urban Media Arts and Essential Partners, Filmbuilding is running Filmbuilding Malden  -  a series of filmmaking projects and screening events aimed at developing critical connections and economic opportunities within the city of Malden, Massachusetts.
Meet our team of Filmbuilders !
And our professional Filmbuilding Mentors !
Dan Girmus                 Nasara Hassan                 Asma Khoshmehr                 Alexander Nezam                 Bilal Sa'ed
Taking an innovative approach to visual storytelling, a diverse cross-section of community members co-create short films which explore the theme,
"Who Is Malden?"
Project exhibitions reimagine the filmgoing experience by engaging audiences in dialogue and participatory programming while activating public spaces and local businesses. A culminating festival event memorializes the experience through site-specific programs aimed at enhancing cross-sector exchange and overall commercial development.
Mural, Malden   
Pleasant St, Malden

This cross-cultural Filmbuilding experience provides unprecedented opportunities through its emphasis on creative collaboration to fortify a sense of place, help dissolve socio-economic barriers, and empower Malden community members to envision and create a thriving future through the arts.

Through a carefully designed exhibition and distribution strategy, the works will reach a broad audience and provide a tangible, moving image-based guide for the city as it seeks to find unity, vision and economic prosperity during challenging yet critical times.
Filmbuilding Malden:  Imagined in Images

Note:  These images were compiled from the internet to provide a visual representation of what Filmbuilding Malden might look like.

Filmbuilding Malden:  Imperatives
The Educational Imperative
(engendering critical, creative, collaborative and conceptual thinking; expanding possibilities within media arts education)

The Cultural Imperative
(telling personal and meaningful stories; celebrating ethnic diversity; sparking radical cross-cultural collaboration)

The Technological Imperative
(expanding image-based literacy and communication; demonstrating highly inclusive and accessible use of technology)

The Community Imperative
(encouraging civic responsibility and connection to community; enhancing sense of place; activating community spaces)

The Economic Imperative
(building partnerships and communication channels; employing individuals in various sectors; creating opportunities for local businesses)

The Peace Imperative
(engendering empathy and understanding across divisions; confronting complex demographic issues; striving for social harmony)
Filmbuilding Malden:  Project Phases
Learn how you can get involved as a volunteer, 
sponsor or even a Filmbuilder!

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